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Sequin vs Heroku Connect

Eric Goldman
3 min read
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What is Heroku Connect

Heroku Connect is an add-on that synchronizes data between Salesforce and a Heroku Postgres database.

Heroku Connect is another option developers can use to integrate with Salesforce, alongside the APEX REST API and integration platforms like Mulesoft.

Functionally, Heroku Connect allows you to map Salesforce objects and fields to tables and columns in your Heroku Postgres database. This includes all standard and custom Salesforce objects. Then, you can build on your Salesforce data using SQL -- creating, updating, and deleting records like any other database transaction.

Salesforce owns Heroku.

What is Sequin

Sequin is a new alternative to Heroku Connect, but instead of being locked into Salesforce's infrastructure, Sequin lets you create a two-way, real-time sync with any Postgres database.

At Sequin, we see Heroku Connect as an integration pattern that isn't reaching its full potential. In addition to Heroku Connect's core sync, we're building the complete set of tools developer need to integrate faster, including:

  • Support for any Postgres - use a Postgres database hosted on AWS, GCP, Azure or anywhere else.
  • Developer pricing - usage-based pricing designed for growing teams.
  • Schema controls - configure what data you sync with the ability to rename and lock columns.
  • Rate limit controls - dials to set the exact sync speed and API quota allocation for different Salesforce objects.
  • Developer tooling - use the tooling, ORMs, and development flows you already know and love.
  • Alerting and monitoring - connect Sentry, Slack, Rollbar, and more to integrate Sequin into your existing workflows.
  • API proxy - use the Sequin proxy to mutate Salesforce data via the API and your database simultaneously.

How are they similar

Both Heroku Connect and Sequin create a path to building on Salesforce through a Postgres database. With both platforms you can spin up a new sync inside the browser without needing to download software or configure a new database. Both come with dashboards that allow you to map data between Salesforce and your database and monitor the sync.

Vitally, both offer two-way, real-time syncs between Salesforce and a database. You can use SQL to create, update, and delete records in a database, and both Heroku Connect and Sequin will do all the work to sync those changes to Salesforce.

How are they different

Heroku Connect and Sequin differ in several ways. Heroku Connect is tethered to the Heroku and Salesforce ecosystem, whereas Sequin is independent. This creates some important differences:

Any Postgres

Sequin can work with any Postgres database. You can get up and running in minutes with a Sequin hosted database or connect to any cloud/on-premises database you prefer. We support tunneling out of the box. Use the infrastructure that is best for your team and use case.

Heroku Connect only works with Heroku Postgres.


Sequin pricing is based on usage. You only pay for the data that you use in a given month. You can get started for free and seamlessly upgrade as you need.

Heroku Connect pricing is tied to your Salesforce contract and is added to one of over 37 different pricing plans.

Developer Experience

Sequin integrates into your existing stack and workflow. You can spin up developer databases, connect to your alerting and monitoring tools (like Sentry, Rollbar, etc.), generate schemas for your ORM, and easily work with your data in new platforms like Supabase and Retool.

Unfortunately, Heroku Connect hasn't seen a new feature in years and there is nothing planned on the official Heorku roadmap.

How do I migrate from Heroku Connect to Sequin

To migrate from Heroku Connect to Sequin, you'll simply export a JSON config file from Heroku Connect and import it into Sequin. We'll then backfill your data and you'll be up and running on a Sequin sync.

You can try Sequin for free. If you'd like enterprise-level support or have questions about setting up your sync, please send us a note.