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Quality of life: Schemas, migrations, and app building

Eric Goldman
2 min read
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Today, we’re announcing two new features and compatibility with a slate of app-building platforms to make building on Sequin more delightful.

Schemas in the console

If you use an ORM to query your Sequin-synced tables, you must specify your Sequin schema in your ORM’s DSL. This can be time-consuming, especially when setting up new tables.

To bridge this gap, many of you execute a pg_dump --schema-only DATABASE > schema.sql command to export your Sequin schema into a script that generates the ORM model.

To save you a step, you can now download or copy your schema right from the Schema tab of your sync:

Expect more to help make working with ORMs easier in the future.

Async migrations

When you add or remove objects and properties from your sync, we run a database migration to add or drop tables and columns in your database.

Sometimes, Sequin hits a blocking issue when attempting to run a migration. For instance, the migration will fail if we try to drop a column that a VIEW depends on. When the migration fails, the sync stops.

By far, failed migrations are the number one cause of sync failures. Each time a migration fails, you or the Sequin team must intervene manually. It is frustrating for all of us.

Not anymore.

We now run migrations asynchronously. If we can’t complete the migration, we’ll revert to the old schema and continue to run the sync uninterrupted until you can make the necessary changes for the migration to succeed. We’ll display an error message in the dashboard, indicating the migration error we’re receiving and possible steps to resolve.

Starting next week, we’ll send email alerts with instructions on how to fix any failing migration. You no longer need to wait for us to intervene. And, more importantly, your sync won’t stop.

Fully compatible with the best platforms

Over half of you use Sequin to build internal tools. While you can build these operational apps from scratch, app-building platforms like Retool, Glide, and Supabase can get you 80% of the way to a working app with just a click.

Since we rolled out SQL Writes, we’ve seen the number of developers using app-building platforms take off. The pairing is obvious:

  • They bring an easy-to-build UI, developer workflow, and deployments.
  • We allow you to query and mutate all your data using SQL.

We’ve partnered with nine app-building platforms to make app development effortless. We've worked together to ensure our platforms connect seamlessly. We've also produced guides that show you how to build an internal tool or customer-facing app with Sequin in no time.

Find a getting started guide for each of these platforms in our docs: