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Launch Week: Wrap Up

Eric Goldman
3 min read
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We just wrapped our first launch week at Sequin. Here’s everything we shipped:

Stripe GA

Sync Stripe to Postgres

Stripe is now generally available as a new source on Sequin! Since first launching in alpha, we’ve re-architected the sync to handle Stripe’s eventual consistency issues and to support SQL Writes - so you can update a customer’s subscription. Bring your billing tables back to your database. 

GitHub Syncs

GitHub is our fifth source on Sequin. You can read and write to your repositories, PRs and issues. It’s a tool we all use, but it's an API you should still avoid. A particular landmine you’ll want to avoid in the GitHub API is the discrepancies between the GraphQL and REST data structures. Trust us 😵‍💫

DevX Improvements

We shipped two new features to make building with Sequin more delightful:

Schemas in the console: If you are using an ORM, then you need to specify your Sequin schema in your ORM’s DSL. This often requires dumping the schema into a script that generates your ORM models. To save you a step, you can now download or copy your schema right from the Sequin console.

Async migrations: Sometimes, when you add a column or table to your sync, we might have trouble applying the migration. Before, migration issues would cause the sync to fail. Now, we run all migrations asynchronously. This means your sync won’t stop. You’ll receive an alert so you can fix the migration issue at your convenience.

App builder compatibility

Over half of you use Sequin to build internal tools. We’ve partnered with app building platforms like Glide, Retool, and Superblocks to make app development effortless. We've also produced guides that show you how to build an internal tool or customer-facing app with Sequin in no time.

Events Alpha

We’ve made it possible to read and write to APIs through your database. Now, you can use Sequin Events to subscribe to events from your data source via Kafka and webhooks. When a PR changes state in GitHub or a new subscription comes in on Stripe, you can trigger workflows in your application.

Getting started

This is just the beginning. Each launch brings us closer to our vision of transforming tedious integrations into turnkey infrastructure. We’re working to support more sources, make local development syncs seamless, allow you to create and configure syncs as code, and connect to your customer's sources via Sequin. Start building with us!